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Introduction to OELP’s work in State schools in Delhi

OELP implemented the Early Literacy Project (ELP) in 2006 in Delhi. Subsequently it was relocated to rural Rajasthan and is referred to as OELP. This four part film series has captured OELP’s classroom based work in State run schools (MCD Schools) on the outskirts of Delhi.
The OELP classroom environments are designed in simple ways to provide spaces for children to share their experiences, ideas, thoughts, feelings and imaginations freely through spoken, written and pictorial forms. This helps children to make friends with the oral and written forms of language in many interesting ways. More importantly, children begin to experience reading and writing not just as “school work” but as ways of sharing, learning and finding out about things that matter to them. They begin to make meaningful connections with written words and with the many worlds that these encompass.