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OELP’s approach to building foundations for reading

OELP’s approach for building foundations for reading

The focuses of this film is on OELP’s approach for building script knowledge for Hindi in young beginning readers and writers.

This film takes you through OELP’s structured approach for teaching children to decode in meaningful way called the Varna Samooha approach. The main thrust of this approach is to equip young learners to manipulate the sounds and symbols of the alpha- syllables available within the Deva Nagari script and combine them on their own to construct the written forms of known words from their spoken language. This makes young learners initial engagement with a script a meaningful one, while bringing in an active and game like element into the leanring process. It has also allowed us to tap into the diverse home languages of children. Children’s words have appeared in Marwari; Bhojpuri; Malwi; Bengali; Punjabi and so on. Through the film you will understand that the children are simultaneously exposed to alpha-syllables; words and texts in meaningful ways. The Varna Samooha approach is helping OELP to address the issues of transition from oracy to print, as well as allow for working with a written script in various home languages. This possible potential to engage with multiple languages is an aspect of the approach that we are currently exploring further.