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Organisation for Early Literacy Promotion (OELP)
B2 -2198 Vasant kunj
New Delhi 110 070, India
Phone: 011-40606221

Field Office:
408/2 Anasagar Ghati Ganj
Ajmer 305001
Rajasthan, India
Phone: 0145-2431675

Email: oelpliteracy@yahoo.in

Evaluation of OELP by RIE Ajmer

This Early Literacy Project (ELP) has aimed to address the reading and writing processes of young children who come from sociocultural groups that typically underachieve in school, by attempting to develop culturally and linguistically meaningful teaching materials and methods through sustained and active engagement inside classrooms over an entire academic year. The understanding within ELP is that classroom based learning methods that evolve organically and are grounded in the classroom realities will be meaningful for the children who use them, since they will be sensitive to the linguistic and developmental needs of these children, and also to the social contexts that the children and teachers come from. ELP believes that engagement with these contextualized learning methodologies will lead to increased levels of literacy of children from resource poor and marginalized communities. The Early Literacy Project (ELP) has attempted to take into account the vital connections that exist between the ability of children to read and write and the use of instructional texts and classroom materials that are written and read in ways that are familiar and meaningful to the children. Work within the ELP project has been taken up at two levels..