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Organisation for Early Literacy Promotion (OELP)
B2 -2198 Vasant kunj
New Delhi 110 070, India
Phone: 011-40606221

Field Office:
408/2 Anasagar Ghati Ganj
Ajmer 305001
Rajasthan, India
Phone: 0145-2431675

Email: oelpliteracy@yahoo.in

Annual Report Jan to Dec 2014

Early Grade Reading has emerged as a serious issue in the discourse on education in India. This has been driven by the recent large scale assessments which have highlighted the gravity of a ground reality within which large number of children are not able to read with understanding even after completion of primary grades. Children who do not make good initial progress in learning to read find it increasingly difficult to master the process and have difficulties in reading at higher levels. In some conversations within the larger education community this has been expressed as a ”learning crisis”, with proficient reading and writing being viewed as vital attributes of a confident school based learner. Over the last decade, India has made significant strides in enrolment of children in schools. However for many children’s school retention is impacted by the education system’s inability to understand and cater to their needs and potential and therefore school dropout numbers continue to remain high