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Learner tracking and assessment

OELP uses a combination of summative and formative assessment. It is based on indicators which have been arrived at over a period of time and are assessed through the following:
a. Competency based summative evaluations – three times a year

b. Formative assessment through qualitative checklists with a five point rating scale which are based on observations of individual children insdie the classroom – three times a year

c. Tracking of learner progress through individual profile folders. At least two samples of written work are filed for each child every week

Data from all the three above mentioned sources is fed into the computer. This is used for regularly tracking each child’s progress, as well as for monitoring learner performance levels within a school, and across schools. The three assessment data sources, mentioned above allow triangulation and therefore ensure a fair degree of validity.

Based on the summative children are grouped into three performance levels. Planned time is made available for group work focused on the three levels, within each of the four blocks. Individual progressions on a predetermined set of indicators / competencies are tracked over a two year period for each child. In addition progressions across levels are tracked within a school, as well as across schools. This system allows us to identify children or schools which require special attention.

It has been found to be a fairly effective system which is not cumbersome and so does not consume too much teacher time, and yet assists each teacher to be able to identify the learning progressions and specific leaning needs of each child in the class, in meaningful ways.

Monitoring formats have been developed through actual classroom processes.