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OELP now in Uttrakhand


As a follow up of their exposure based orientation to the OELP foundation Programme on Early Literacy the OELP team conducted an onsite follow up training for members of the Mountain Valley Development Association (MVDA) at Dhoni in Uttrakhand.

A village near Doni
A village near Doni

The MVDA office at Doni
The MVDA office at Doni


A training session
A training session


The aim of this onsite training was to initiate the programme in this new location. In the month of July 2015 OELP interventions are to begin in two community schools run by MVDA. These two schools are to be established as demonstration sites and will be used for the capacity building of education workers and teachers through actual exposure to classroom settings and pedagogies. This process is expected to facilitate the expansion of the OELP Foundation Programme on Early Literacy to wider locations within Uttrakhand.


Demonstrating a read aloud in an Uttrakhand Community space
Demonstrating a read aloud in an Uttrakhand Community space




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