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Ambedkar University Delhi – MA first year ( Education ) students visit

Ambedkar University Delhi – MA first year ( Education ) students visited  OELP BSKs and libraries from the 20th to 22nd December 2015

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glimpse of some of the responses on this experience from a few students and a faculty member

I learnt that it is essential for a child to read with comprehension and to be able to connect to his/her experiences and to make reading meaningful for the child. It is also important for children to enjoy reading and take it up as a meaningful activity which they enjoy. The strategies that OELP adopts in the classrooms and the activities woven around them are commendable. Keep up the good work.

-( Simranjeet Kaur )


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Before this visit I thought village children cannot read and write, but after visiting OELP I realized my assumptions were wrong. I saw the children read and write fluently.

-(Jyoti Rana )



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One major shift in my thinking is that a library for 1st and 2nd graders need not be silent. What is important is to cultivate that eagerness in them to read and enjoy the process of shared reading.

– ( Chinmayi)



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The visit has brought a change in my mindset. Earlier I used to think that at some places children don’t get enough opportunity to learn because they are deprived resources – learning material. But here I have seen that there is no such thing as lack of resources . One can develop learning material at very cheap cost .This material may be more meaningful than expensive material .

-( Prachi Gupta )


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Keeping the child’s way of grasping language at the centre and conventions and norms of language secondary to ensure children get initiated into reading and meaning making process simultaneously.

This visit has inspired  confidence in me that children anywhere in the country can be taught reading and made to form a relationship with books in a joyful manner.

-( Mansi Thapliyal Navani- Asstt. Prof -SES)


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