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Advisors and Team


President - Ms. Roopali Singh (Advocate)
Vice President Ms. Jaimala Iyer (Artist and Free lance trainer)
Secretary Mrs. Keerti Jayaram (Educationist)
Treasurer Mrs. Kitty Varshnei (Social Service)
Member Mr. Shanker Chowdhury (Retired from UNESCO, New Delhi as Senior Program Officer (Edu)
Member – Dr. Mukul Priyadarshini (Associate Prof. Miranda House, Delhi University)
Member Ms. Cathy Anubha Banerji (Senior Teacher, Pathways International School, Aravalli)
Member Mr. LuveVir Singh (Researcher)
Member Mr. Anurag Singh (Film Maker)

Financial Advisor and Auditors

Adeesh Mehra & Co. Chartered Accountants


Director - Keerti Jayaram



Is an educationist with several years experience of teaching and working with children. She is a founder member of OELP and has been instrumental in developing the OELP methodologies which are rooted in real classroom practice.



Programme Coordinator - Kiran Dubey



Is from Ajmer. She has an in-depth understanding of the local context, in particular rural women. Has over twenty years of experience of working with rural women. Has also taught primary school children from Govt. schools and is currently overseeing the implementation of the OELP programmes.



Academic Coordinator - Arti Sawhny



Is a resident of Ajmer. She has a medical background and has worked in the villages of Ajmer district for over twenty five years. She has also taught in a primary school.




Field Coordinator - Pukhraj Mali



Is a resident of Tilonia village. He started his career as a night school teacher. Later he worked in the Lok Jumbish Programme.  He is deeply entrenched in the local context, and has good linkages with the local administration and the local panchayats.



The Facilitators



Babulal Sarasar – Is a resident of Sinodia village, and has worked in the local panchayat and as a block coordinator and later trainer with Pratham. He is well versed in the local language and has helped adapt the OELP methodologies to the local context. He is a silent worker with a deep understanding.




Bhiva Ram Jat – Is a resident of Sinodia village. He operates the computer and has played an active role in developing teaching material, activities and games based on local adaptations. He is an enthusiastic and creative worker.



The Library team




Leelawati – Our Library lady is a village Bahu from the Patan village. She is very popular with the children and has finally won over the children from the Bagria community. She is part of our library team and also runs the BSK in the Patan government school. She also attended a six months library course organized by SRTT.




Sita Devi – is a Bahu from Phaloda village. She has worked as a BSK worker , and is amongst our most creative teachers. She is very popular with the children and is at present the one of the eight Village Librarians.



The BSK workers

They form the backbone of the OELP school based programme. Some of the senior members include –



Jamila Banu – A local resident and of Chundri village. She is one of the few women who have pursued education after marriage and has recently completed her graduation. She has an in-depth understanding of the OELP methodologies and is a creative teacher.





Banwari Lal- Belongs to Bawri-ki-dhani an interior hamlet. He was the first person in his village to complete high school, and is currently perusing higher studies while continuing to run the BSK. He is a committed teacher and has a dream of better future for his community.





Shabana – Born and brought up by a single parent in the village Kankniawas is the first girl from the village to complete her post graduation. She also attended a six month library course. She runs a BSK in the Kankniawas government school as well as the village library. She is also involved with the Khoji Nav Yauvak Programme.





Sunita – Is a Jat bahu from the village Sursura. She is a sensitive teacher and works in the BSK at Sursura. She is also an agricultural worker and helps work on their family land. She is also pursuing her higher studies along side.






Payal – is a young spirited girl from Rampura who is very involved with the development of her village. She runs the BSK and has involved in collecting local village stories and the village history.






Manju – Is a Bahu from Relavata. She is a passionate teacher. She runs the BSK in the government school in Relavata. She has drawn many children from the adjoining private schools to the government school.





Madan- a goat heard from a small interior village Ramgarh started his education in the night school as he grazed goats during the day. He later became the night school teacher. He is a creative teacher and very good with children. He is rooted in the local culture and folk lore and is an invaluable asset for the programme.





Radha is a resident of Nayagaon. She lost her husband many years ago and has struggled to bring up her children. She is very gentle with children and has been instrumental in integrating a specially challenged child into her class and has managed to change the attitude of other children towards this child.





Chanda – a resident of Paner is a young member of the OELP team who is slowly beginning to find her confidence. She works in the BSK in the government school at Paner. It took her a little while to open up, but now she is very popular with the children and she enjoys being with them.



The important background roles



Anand Motish – a resident of Ajmer. He has a background in computer and finance. Apart from office work his heart is in the field and he dosen’t miss an opportunity to strengthen the programme with his skills.





Sahiba Kohli is helping us professionalize by sharing her computer and data analysis skills. She is also involved in presenting our work through our website and other social media sites.




Om Prakash ji is a constant support.