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About Us

The Organization for Early Literacy Promotion (OELP) is a registered non-profit and civil society organization which came into existence in 2008.

Our core values: OELP seeks to promote social justice and equality through qualitatively rich and responsive educational experiences.

Our vision: To enhance the quality and responsiveness of the educational experience for all children regardless of their home backgrounds, so that they learn with fullness and actualize their potentials as active and empowered members of the contemporary world.

Our mission: We are committed to building strong foundations for meaningful reading, writing and thoughtful learning in young children and communities from resource poor and disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our focus on young learners within early grade classrooms is based on research evidence which has convincingly highlighted that the foundations for learning and development are laid in the early years of a child’s life, and these have a lifelong impact on all aspects of his or her future development.

Our challenge: To ensure theoretically sound classroom practice that is grounded, effective and doable within the available resources of the mainstream system.

Current locations:   OELP’s knowledge building core area is in the Ajmer District of Rajasthan. We are currently exploring partnerships in other locations towards extending our outreach to new locations.

OELP’s current focus : Based on advice from our donor organisations there was a shift in the focus of our education innovations from the earlier remedial and resource support to the establishing of a two year Foundation Programme for Early Literacy and Learning for grades 1 and 2. This programme was piloted in June 2014. The end term results were very encouraging with approximately 80% of the sample performing at proficiency level at the end of Grade 2. Details can be accessed through the web link:


Overview: OELP has set up 15 school and community based learning centres in the Kishangarh Block in Ajmer district, Rajasthan. We view these as demonstration sites for modelling classroom practices and pedagogies, as well as providing exposure to inclusive and active learning environments. These sites are being used by us for knowledge building, as well as for the capacity building of various State and non State stakeholders, and for the development of resource material including short films. In addition OELP has a network of community based village libraries which aim to facilitate a variety of meaningful engagements with village communities and their local knowledge systems.

Our plan: From April 2016 OELP, will function as a Field Resource Centre (FRC) with a three pronged focus:

  1. Support knowledge building in the area of Early Literacy and Learning with a special focus on young learners from marginalised communities.
  2. Resource development in the area of Early Literacy and Learning.
  3. Support professional development in the area of Early Literacy and Learning through professional partnerships with other interested NGOs; GOs and teacher education institutes.

Professional affiliations :

  1. Encouraging feedback from GOs NGOs and others  (see Home page and Blog).
  2. Member of Union Ministry of Human Resource Development’s (MHRD’s) National Advisory Body for Early Literacy. In this capacity we were involved in developing the guidelines for the Padhe Bharat Badhe Bharat Programme of MHRD.
  3. Invited to present our work at the UNESCO Asia Education Summit in Bangkok in Feb. 2016 to representatives from 30 Asian countries. Details can be accessed through the web link: http://flexlearnstrategies.net/Summit/index.html

Our organization



Outreach 2011-14





In 2013 OELP was appointed as a resource organization by Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT). In this capacity we have been involved in the professional development of selected partner organizations of SRTT and SDTT (Sir Dorabji Tata Trust) from Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttrakhand. In addition to this we have regularly provided training and resource support to organizations across five districts of Rajasthan.

Legal status

  1. Registered Society under Societies Registration Act of Xxi, 1860, Registration Number: S/61052/2008 dated 23.01.2008
  2. FCRA Registration: Registration Number: 231661463 dated 30.09.2013
  3. Income Tax Department under Section 80G of the IT Act, 1961 valid till perpetuity Registration Number: DIT (E) /2010-2011/O-405/2267 dated 10.11.2009
  4.  Income Tax Department under Section 12A, Registration Number: DIT (E) /12A/2010-11/)-405/965 dated 10.11.200